Although drawing and painting are equally important to me more recently I have begun to combine the two techniques. I find this suits my inclination to draw and provides an underlying structure to the paintings which can be more loosely concluded with a limited palette of watercolour washes.

Over the years I have been influenced by the art of Batik, Stained Glass designs and Japanese woodblock prints.

The artists whose works inspire and influence me the most are the Pre-Raphaelites, Paul and John Nash, John Piper, Samuel Palmer, Eric Ravilious, Arthur Rackham and Heath Robinson.

I was born in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales. During my childhood I lived on RAF stations in the East of England and Malaysia finally settling in Farnborough, Hampshire in 1966. In 1992 I moved to Frodsham, Cheshire which is where I live now.

Although I had always had an interest in Art I chose to follow a scientific career gaining an HNC in Analytical Biology & Quantitative Biochemistry and BSc (Hons) in Biology. I have worked as a Pharmaceutical Laboratory Technician, a Clinical Biochemist and a part-time lecturer at Farnborough Technical College in Laboratory Techniques and Anatomy.

In 1988 I began to follow my interest in drawing and painting again taking up Life Drawing which I have continued to the present day.

I was elected a Member of the British Watercolour Society in 2006 and I am a member of the Wirral Society of Art and the Grosvenor Art Society, Chester.

I am a member of the Arts Committee at Castle Park Arts Centre.

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